When to use different types of successful business strategies


Different types of business strategies


Every organization needs to clearly define the ways that can be used to achieve their objectives. Without clear planning, managers and employees will feel lost, lacking the knowledge of how their company will operate in the marketplace.

Bearing this in mind, different types of successful business strategies present themselves to transform this objective into reality. They’re a part of an overall list of business strategies that ensures that the performance of an organization reaches its goals.

Within a company managers use strategies to determine the direction and the activities in their chosen marketplace.

Knowing what they are and how to employ the types of best business strategies available is essential in ensuring that the company achieves its desired results.

What are best business strategies and how important are they?

Strategy can be defined as the use of available resources to achieve a given goal within a stipulated time frame.

Within a business context, strategies determine the direction that an organization must follow to reach its various objectives, through the guidance of the best use of its physical, technological and financial resources.

They also encompass the ability of an organization to respond to the challenges and risks presented by the market in which it operates.

Strategic thinking is fundamental for a company to survive the constant market changes and still ensure sustainable growth.

Companies that lack a well-defined business strategy are prone to develop and grow in a disorderly manner and can survive for a certain period in the market.

However in the medium to long term, challenged by today’s extremely competitive market and subject to constant changes politically, economically, socially and technologically they are unlikely to endure.

Surviving this scenario with a different outcome requires organization, control and innovation, which can only be achieved by adopting different types of successful business strategies.

What are the different types of business strategies?

There are several types of business strategies that a company can employ regarding situations presented to the company within its market.

Startups, by defining a list of business strategies will be able to understand better their potential and their limitations, thereby avoiding common mistakes and achieving their targets and results that will be more in keeping with their objectives.

For established companies, a constantly changing marketplace makes the continual rethinking of their operations essential. To survive and compete it may be necessary to restructure their organizational strategy options, including financial structures and as well as its products and services.

In this context, the main business strategies are as follows:

1- Growth Strategies

Best business strategies aimed at increasing profits, sales, or market share, thereby increasing the value of the company are considered growth strategies.

This equals favorable situations in the market that present business opportunities. Within this scenario, a company can initiate the launch of new products and increase sales volume.

Some growth strategy initiatives are:

  • Innovation: In a rapidly evolving technology market companies should seek to anticipate the competition through frequent R&D, coupled with new product and service launches, along with fast and direct access to all required information.
  • Joint venture: Two companies combine to produce a product and jointly enter a new market. Usually one company provides the capital and the other the tech.
  • Expansion: The process requires planning to avoid the risk of investment loss or poor business timing, which can lead to market share loss and through that loss, its sales or partnerships with larger companies.
  • Internationalization: The Company extends its operations outside its home country.

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2- Maintenance Strategy

In this scenario, a company identifies a situation that can potentially threaten its survival. However, through the accumulation over years of its knowhow in areas such as finance, human resources and technology, it possesses the ability to overcome these obstacles.

Hence, factors such as these will enable managers to define the tasks necessary to continue trading and maintaining the company’s position.

These measures should include reinforcing the company’s strong points while minimizing its weaknesses. By incorporating a maintenance strategy, a defensive posture strategy enables the company to face any potential future difficulties.

These problems may be due to market loss, the strength of a competitor, economic crisis, or any other potential threat.

3- Investment Strategy

This is one of the main types of successful business strategies that should be included in the strategic planning of an organization.

In this circumstance, measures are taken that aim mainly to use company financial resources, through the use of correct planning to avoid any potential project failures and consequently, company damage.

The use of strategic investment should only happen when the company is very familiar with its market, clients and competition. Thus, managers will be able to identify which sectors should receive investment for the company to highlight its strengths.

For this strategy to be successful, planning and creativity is required to get the most out of the available resources.

Get ready to put your successful business strategies into practice

There are different types of Successful business strategies that can be used for all foreseen or unforeseen situations within an organization.

Successful business strategies should be used together within a list of business strategies, which allows business owners and managers to analyze the scenario in which they operate, identifying their beliefs and values ​​through their interaction in the market.

From there on, the company’s mission is established, including its reason for participating in the market and what can be delivered, including how it will be acknowledged with a given time period.

The mission is what will guide the choice and development of different types of business strategies that will be used by organizations.

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