Management, engagement and technology

Siteware was founded in 2000 as a MET company (Management, Engagement and Technology).
We know companies are made of people, and engaging them in implementing plans
is capital for more efficient strategic management.

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We share Professor Ram Charan’s (Harvard) belief that execution is what separates goal from results. Therefore, our main challenge is assisting companies upon executing their plans and the strategy. We have combined strategic management methodologies essence and processes improvement, to unfold them on tactical and operational levels. Thus, we help engaging all employees around the results-oriented mindset.

Strategic Corporate Performance Management may be simple

The SCPM (Strategic Corporate Performance Management) market, as defined by Gartner, has plenty of solutions for indexes follow-up. Our solutions boost, in a unique and easy manner, company communication improvement, knowledge exchange and best practices spreading. We helped over 140 thousand users put their plans into action, improving the results of over 700 customers in hundreds of locations in Brazil and worldwide.

The innovative character present in our products enabled us to be one of the 15 companies to be invited to be part of the BH-Tec – Belo Horizonte Technological Park, where we stayed from the launching in 2012 until we moved to our new headquarters in 2016, as our team grew.

We took part, in 2014, together with other Brazilian companies, in the first Stanford University Innovation and Entrepreneurship Program in Latin America. The project presented and award winner at the time originated STRATWs One, and got funders’ attention.
Siteware received, in 2015, the highest Venture Capital fund investment in Brazil, Criatec 2, whose managers are Bozano Investimentos and Triaxis Capital.

Corporate management market consolidation

One of the goals for the funding received from Criatec 2 is growth by means of market consolidation. Thus, we incorporated two of our main competitors: ControlCorp in 2016 and Strategy Manager in 2018.

With the merges, we became the largest technology company for Performance and Strategy Management in Brazil.

Additionally, we won big accounts, such as Lojas Renner, Buscapé, Farmácia Pague Menos, Magazine Luiza, Localiza, BR Malls, Oi, among other giants that add to our extensive customer portfolio including, but not limited to Vale, Votorantim Cimentos, Grupo Boticário, Café Três Corações, Pif Paf Alimentos, Lafarge-Holcim, Unimed.

We are present in over 20 economy segments, most of which are market leaders.

Official software of Fundação Dom Cabral

STRATWs One is the solution chosen by FDC – Fundação Dom Cabral, which is considered the best business school in Latin America and one of the best in the world, to support all their corporate management programs in Brazil and Latin America.


Internationally, Siteware overcame tough competitors, such as Oracle and SAP, by closing the deal with one of the largest coffee industries in the world, Strauss Coffee. Based in Amsterdam, Netherlands, that organization from Israeli origin operating in seven countries, broadened Siteware presence in Europe.

Thereto, Sitware already offers complete versions of the product in eight different languages: Portuguese, English, Spanish, Russian, Polish, Romanian, German and Hebrew. Up to the end of 2018, we shall launch STRATWs One version in other three new languages.

In 2017 we were awarded by Great Place to Work as one of the best companies to work for in Minas Gerais

STRATWs One history

The first version of STRATWs One was created in 1994, as GPD Software – Guidelines Management, for Cia. Siderúrgica Belgo Mineira (current ArcellorMital).

Belgo Mineira was one of the first companies in Brazil to strongly invest in the Total Quality Control approach, brought by Professor Falconi from Japan and spread by FCO (Fundação Cristiano Ottoni).

As Belgo Mineira was close to FCO (Fundação Cristiano Ottoni) and thereafter FDG (Managerial Development Foundation), it enabled us to take the GPD Software to large companies in South America. The implementation of the system for support to Cia Cervejaria Brahma Action Plans indexes monitoring was then noteworthy, whereby we followed the foundation of what is currently known as Ambev Management Model.

Portalsim comes out

At the turn of the century, the Total Quality concept was already spread throughout the country. The companies’ biggest concern became the definition of the Corporate Strategy by means of BSC (Balanced Scorecard).

Variations on the same theme: Prisma metas, GPS and PGV

The approach adopted upon PortalSIM development was very successful. In the first 10 years, the system evolved on a regular basis, having new modules added. Also, it generated versions developed specifically to some customers, such as Prisma Metas, used by Oi and Contax, GPS – Gestão para o Sucesso, adopted by Acesita (current Aperam), and PGV – Portal de Gestão Vale, used in a corporative way in different businesses of the second largest mining company in the world.

A restart

In 2013, about 10 years after PortalSIM was launched, technology had significantly reshaped our interaction with machines. Information in the cloud, social networks, collaboration tools, apps and mobility pointed to a new pathway.

Siteware pro-innovation bias indicated it was time for a restart. Supported by a consulting company, we have conducted an extensive market research comprising our customers as well, to figure out what our essence was.

Eventually, we were surprised by the characteristic most interviewees mentioned: how simply Siteware and PortalSIM handled the complex matters related to management.

Nevertheless, years of evolution and the new modules did not allow us to consider PortalSIM as simple anymore. Therefore, the result of that work guided us in the development of the new product, and alongside, our logo was revitalized, featuring simpler lines, handwritten and showing more personality.

It was the beginning of a new Siteware, more modern and innovative, and we started conceiving the new PortalSIM, which has been constantly improving.

Currently, PortalSIM is STRATWs One. A solution capable of bringing simplicity to complex scenarios, where the decision making is based on information from several sources, including several worksheets, increasing thus the risk and decreasing decisions reliability.

Do not waste more time handling thousands of Excel worksheets or complex softwares: start using Strawts One right now. Simple, easy and complete, just right for your business.