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countries are improving their results with STRATWs One.

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Hilel Kremer

 CFO Strauss Coffee

“The siteware platform enabled us to implement performance excellence as part of our company strategy. Today things are being done in a proactive meter.(…) I’m not discussing the results: i’m discussing the action item and root cause analysis. People are identifying the problems as soon as they appear and are not waiting to get a report to start solving them. We see better communication between different departments specially in countries where people are not in the same place. Our COO will have his set of metrics that is unique and unified across the different countries and he can easily benchmark and run his monthly performance course on the same basis between then”


Rafael Corrêa

Corporate Development Analyst at EDP

“During implementation, Siteware made sure to set the goals rangel according to EDP’s own nomenclature. Besides that, our Score Card was customized, making it easy to use the technology. I can notice a growth in engagement amongst the people responsible for uploading the indicators. There was less control and commitment with the traditional worksheets before STRATWs One”


Andre Horta

Performance Management Analyst ate Vale

“Rejection during technology implementation will always exist. That being said, once the benefits are clearly presented, the user begins to see the software no longer as a problem but instead as a solution. STRATWs One helps from the process of data consolidation until it information generation itself. The system also helps us to make a more trustworthy analysis and maintain the relation between shown data and the action plans set for it. Not to mention its use in deviation management and spotting improvement opportunities.”

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