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business improvement ideas


In an increasingly competitive world, the quest for innovative ideas to improve business needs to be constant.

Billing, sales, profitability, presence in the market, reduction of operational costs, optimization of resources and the automation of processes are some examples of aspects that organizations always seek to improve.

So here we have separated 8 business improvement ideas for you to get inspired and apply to your business.

8 business improvement ideas

1 – Management software

The possibilities for the use of management software are many and varied: CRM, project management, marketing automation, financial management, communication, etc.

An e-commerce company, for example, can issue an invoice automatically after payment is approved and also post the receipt in its financial indicator control system.

There are several financial management software products available in the market, some with free versions or really affordable prices, such as QuickBooks, ZeroPaper and Bkper.

Management software allows you to automate certain tasks and thus reallocate human resources into other activities, generating more productivity.

2 – Internal communication

Teams that communicate poorly or do not even communicate can affect the quality of work.

Therefore, it is in a company’s interest to develop effective and efficient internal communication.

When, for example, the Marketing, Sales and Finance departments do not communicate very well, billing is impaired.

Simple actions, such as the use of murals, bulletin boards and an intranet, are already very helpful in improving workflow.

Also, be transparent with employees and others involved in company processes, especially with regard to numbers and decision making.

Employees need to understand why decisions have been made and how this will affect their work.

3 – OKR Methodology

The acronym OKR stands for Objectives and Key Results. Simple, flexible and agile, this management methodology is now used by several successful companies, such as Google. Its goal is to promote employee engagement and increase organizational productivity.

Focusing on results, OKRs are a set of goals that relate to each other, and can be scaled and achieved individually or collectively.

For example, if a company’s goal is to increase production by 15% in the second half of the year, the key results to achieve that goal may be to hire an additional 10 employees and invest in new equipment.

Here are some examples of Key Objectives and Results:

Download our free spreadsheet and start using the OKR methodology right now: OKR Methodology Sheet

4 – Home Office

Remote work is another of the aspects where business can improve given to us by digital transformation.

A survey by Robert Half (a company specializing in recruitment) found that Brazil ranks among the three countries that perform the most home office services.

According to this study, this practice has increased 47% in the country since March 2015.

One of the reasons companies take home office is the gain in productivity and the reduction of operating costs.

In addition, professionals are more motivated to achieve results, as they are given the freedom to manage their own time.

How about trying to implement this idea in your company? You can, for example, combine a specific day in the week for your employees to perform home office tasks.

5 – Market research

Market research allows a manager to have a broader view of the area in which the company operates, guiding it during the definition of strategies and decision making.

Doing good market research can identify problems and business opportunities. Through it, it is possible to collect and analyze information such as:

  • A target audience profile;
  • Level of customer satisfaction;
  • Quality and performance of products and services;
  • Reception of the public in relation to a new product;
  • Perception that the public has about the brand;
  • Strategies and actions of competitors, as well as their strengths and weaknesses;
  • Market Share;
  • New market trends.

6 – Team training

Investing in team training and qualifications is a great way to encourage the emergence of new ideas. Courses, lectures, webinars and workshops directly impact employee performance.

Well-trained and skilled teams tend to make fewer mistakes, which reduces the number of reworked tasks and thus costs. Therefore, productivity rises.

In addition, training is critical to aligning employee behavior and skills with company goals.

7 – Organizational climate

Among the suggestions for business improvement, the development of a light and pleasant organizational climate is one more that can have quite positive effects.

Get-togethers, flexible hours, a more informal dress code and good working conditions are examples of actions that contribute to a more friendly and enjoyable organizational climate to work in.

In addition, it is imperative that leaders cultivate a good relationship with their subordinates and seek to be closer, with more horizontal dialogue.

This will help a manager gain employee trust, who will in-turn, produce a higher quality.

But remember: building an organizational climate depends on a true and reciprocal relationship. Do not force an organizational climate, it should arise from values ​​that everyone holds dear in the company.

8 – Monitor actions

Seek to periodically monitor the results of improvement actions in your company. Monitoring makes it possible to identify certain faults and make the appropriate adjustments in the middle of the process before such faults represent greater losses.

Meet with employees at least once a month and give them the opportunity to tell you about their difficulties in finding results. Give feedback to recognize when work is being executed well and explain where improvements can be made.

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