Effective team management: 6 tips to boost your employees' performance


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Is your team up to the task? Are you looking for effective ways to get your team to work collaboratively and deliver better results? The truth is that small, medium and large companies face a common challenge: promoting efficient team management.

This practice consists of bringing out the best in employees and consequently achieving positive results for the company. Through this kind of management, efforts get aligned towards common goals.

Motivated, committed and engaged employees contribute to the company’s productivity. However, you need to know how to manage them.

Check out now 6 key tips on how to manage teams and achieve better results.

6 tips for an engaging team management 

Good team management is essential for the harmony and productivity of all employees. However, this is not always an easy task. It’s the leader’s role to join all members towards the same purpose. In addition, human management is required, a practice which understands the person beyond the professional.

Effective communication is also part of the routine of a good team manager. The leader is responsible for motivating all team members to work together.

Although home office is a challenge for team management, it is essential not to leave this issue aside. For this reason, here are 6 tips on how to manage a team effectively:

1. Share company’s Mission, Vision and Values ​​

For an effective team management, there must be integration and belonging among  companies’ members. A good way to achieve this is by sharing the organization’s Mission, Vision and Values.

  • The Mission is the reason why the company exists;
  • The Vision is where the company wants to be in the long term;
  • The Values ​​are the non-negotiable principles and fundamental beliefs.

Having this triad well defined will serve as a guide for employees to carry out their activities.

2. Promote dialogue and creativity

There’s no way to manage teams without promoting dialogue among all members, including the leader. It’s necessary to show employees that the work environment is indeed a place for them to express themselves, exchange ideas and feel welcomed.

When they feel free to say what they think, creativity flows. Thus, excellent ideas can emerge. Therefore, encourage everyone’s participation and try to prevent employees from becoming immersed in their own bubbles.

Here are some tips from Google for a successful team management:

3. Understand employees’ skills

To make your business flow organically and naturally, you need to find out your employee’s specific skills. This is important in order to allocate human resources to tasks according to each person’s abilities and preferences.

Most employers think that when an employee applies for a certain position, he limits himself for that specific job. That’s a huge mistake. Sometimes, a customer service employee will perform considerably better in a marketing department role, for example.

Try to spend time with each employee, one at a time, to discover their preferences and imagine in which tasks they could excel. Delegating appropriate functions will have a significant impact on the team’s productivity rates.

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4. Keep an effective communication

Any successful business leader will tell you that communication can make or break your company.

True business success lies in a place where everyone is on the same page, understands the job and what is required of them. One of the main team management responsibilities is to ensure that communication is running smoothly every day. Guarantee that your command structure is clearly defined.

Since it’s your responsibility to determine how your employees communicate, you need to make sure that the tools and platforms the company uses meet your communication criteria.

Platforms like Intraboom and Slack create communication opportunities, facilitate tasks and sharing of important files and newsletters between collaborators. Motivate your team to engage in fluent communication with you and with each other

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5. Provide feedback

Make an effort to meet periodically with your team, to take stock of the results already achieved and discuss what still needs to be done. This is a key moment for team alignment, visualizing where the team is making mistakes and also praise when there is progress.

Offer constructive criticism and be open to hearing what employees have to say. Remember that feedback should be a two-way street.

6. Set an example for employees

Our last tip on team management is perhaps the most important of all. As a leader, you need to set an example for your employees. They need to look at you and feel confidence, credibility and inspiration.

Keeping the team motivated is also important; here are some ways to do this:

team management tips
Fonte: MBA SKool

8 top skills for a successful team management

Managing a team is not an easy endeavor. In addition to hard skills, such as vast knowledge about the led area, the leader must also be proficient in many soft skills —the kind of interpersonal skills that are difficult to measure. Efficient communication, leadership and flexibility are some of the main soft skills sought after by the market.

Here are the top 8 skills for a successful team management:

  1. Be a great communicator;
  2. Be flexible;
  3. Demonstrate organization skills;
  4. Ability to pass knowledge on to other people;
  5. Problem solving skills;
  6. Time management skills;
  7. Motivate collaboration and teamwork;
  8. Delegate tasks to promote team’s growth; 

See this infographic with 8 key skills of a successful manager:

Team management and technology

With the help of technology, team management can become much easier. Let ‘s see how! 

Using a human resources software, you’re able to identify, retain and develop talent through automated cycles of competency assessments.

A good human resources management system offers HR more autonomy, as it allows processes’ automation while encouraging feedback and smart talent acquisition.

Stratws One may be the HR management software you need. It helps you to plan, organize and improve the team’s routine while focusing on achieving results.

Our software makes it possible to provide feedback, monitor corporate and individual indicators, manage projects and be more clear about the entire organization’s strategy.

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