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motivational group activities


When you arrive in the office, does it seem that there is a feeling of discouragement in the air, people don’t communicate, creativity and innovation are simply no longer part of the solutions presented and the results do not eventuate?

If you want to know how to take a first step towards solving this problem, some fun motivational group activities to use at work can help!

When a team has low productivity, low focus and there is communication failure between managers, and between managers and employees – motivational group activities are a great tool to balance these company relationships.

Team building motivational activities are an efficient method of improving socialization and can undoubtedly create excellent results in increasing the quality of work, cooperation and engagement among colleagues.

Participatory learning is the focus of these types of activities, reinforcing joint work among employees.

Companies that already understand the importance of managing people in any administrative process have already started investing in skills training.

Check out the following dynamic group for motivation models for easy-to-do motivation and, above all, fun!

3 motivational group activities to use at work

1- Motivational group activities – Box challenge

This is an ideal activity to encourage decision-making and self-confidence. It aims to make employees believe that they can achieve their goals and objectives, to understand what needs to be done and not relinquish responsibilities.

What to do:

For this activity you will need a dark box, inside which there are several envelopes with challenges to be met.

Before you begin, you can read the challenges, which are boring and unpleasant things to do, real “pigeon pays”, like 3 laps in the room on one foot and with closed eyes, or reciting the alphabet backwards.

Tell the participants that there are, besides these, secret challenges.

Participants will be divided into two groups and then all will form a circle. In the circle it is important to alternate the members according to each team.

After this step, it is time to start by delivering the box to one of the group members.

Explain that the purpose of the game is to move the box from one to another around the circle while a song is playing. As soon as the sound stops, the person holding the box needs to choose between 3 options:

  1. Open the box, remove any envelope, read the challenge and try to execute it successfully. If they do, the participant earns 1 point. If not, they lose 3 points and they still have to take another envelope out of the box and do one more challenge (this one, without the loss of points if unsuccessfully performed).
  2. Pass the box to the next member of your group in the circle. You do not win or lose points.
  3. Pass the box to the next member of the other group in the circle. But in that case you lose a point.

Whoever receives the box from this participant (if the previous participant does not pick up an envelope with a challenge), can once again choose one of the 3 alternatives listed above, only, they can not choose someone who already had the box in the same round.

The box can only be passed to another person 4 times, whoever receives the box the fourth time will be required to choose an envelope and try to do a challenge.

The group that accumulates 3 points first wins the game.

A tendency is that no one opens the box and instead passes it to another member of the group until the fourth person receives the box opens it and has a pleasant surprise:

The great prize is that when opening the box the participant discovers that it does not contain any challenges, but actually a box of chocolates.

The activity ends, there are no points counted, because everything was staged.


A fun joke can provide a lot of lessons for group work, as well as addressing the importance of being self-reliant and accepting responsibilities.

Instead of running away from challenges and losing opportunities, we must face our mission and front-up to it instead of passing the responsibility on to another member of the group.

If someone faces the challenge before the fourth pass, the dynamic becomes even more fruitful, with an excellent example of self-confidence.

2- Motivational group activities – “Who would I take?”

In this team building motivation activity, participants have to make choices in relation to the other members of the group.

Who would you take?

The idea is to evaluate the cooperative spirit and empathy, to understand how attitudes themselves are interpreted by other people.

What to do:

You will need envelopes, paper and pencils to accomplish this activity. Before submitting it to the team, place the questionnaires with the questions inside each envelope:

If you happened to be stranded on a desert island, what person in the group would you most like to have with you?

If you needed to organize a party, who would you call to help?

Who in the group (3 people) would you choose to go on a cruise with you?

Distribute the envelopes, make it clear that the answers are confidential and then collect the responses.

The cards don’t need to be signed, ideally after this initial part of the activity you will perform other games, such as those presented in this article.

At the end of all the activities, return the envelopes back to the participants and ask them to answer the questions again, and they can change the previous choices if they wish.


These motivational group activities can change the opinions members have of their colleagues.

Aspects of teamwork and cooperation are taken into account. Those who do better on tasks will earn points with their colleagues.

The results will be added individually and presented to the participants in private. Each member will have access to the opinions of the members as a whole (the sum, not the individual choice of each person) before and after the games.

Many will be surprised to find that they are not mentioned by colleagues and others will realize that they are more admired than they thought.

A great way to find out how a group sees each member.

3- Motivational group activities – Minefield

For this activity it is necessary to organize a room with obstacles. Participants will have to work in pairs and advise a colleague who is blindfolded to dodge barriers along a course.

What to do:

Scatter objects in a room to create a “minefield”. You can use chairs, boxes, string, etc.

The idea is that these things become obstacles that require elaborate movements, like going under a piece of string tied between two chairs, for example.

Before the game begins, pairs need to organize themselves and strategize how they will communicate with one another, as the member in the minefield can only hear.

If by chance one of the participants touches objects from the minefield, they receive a punishment and need to go back 3 steps.

The pair that does the best job and gets to the end in less time, will be declared the winner.


In this motivational group activity, it is possible to analyze the relationship between pairs, their ability to organize and lead, to understand instructions, and to plan.

Observe the reaction of the participants, both the one who gives the instructions, and the receiver.

Is there patience and clear communication between the doubles? Does the participant receiving the guidelines follow what the other communicates? Are the instructions clear? Was there adequate planning?

Finally, do a general analysis, point out the weaknesses and strengths of each pair and highlight the difference the winning pair had over others in the activity.

What do you think of these motivational group activities to use at work? Would you use them in your company?

As you have seen, they are easy and fun to do and, in addition to increasing engagement and teamwork, they can give you an important insight into each participant’s competencies.

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