Employee engagement activities in companies to increase team productivity


employee engagement activities


Have you ever arrived at work and felt that the environment was heavy, that people were there only out of obligation, to support themselves, and that they had no motivation to carry out their tasks?

When this happens, it is necessary to organize – as a matter of urgency – employee engagement activities in companies.

 Engagement:  this is perhaps the most challenging factor for any manager. After all, employees are considered by many entrepreneurs and experts as the most important asset of any business.

Without great team performance, certainly an organization’s productivity will plummet and its results will be far below what is desired.

Therefore, making employees perform to their greatest potential should be a priority and constant goal in every company.

But how do you manage people more efficiently?

Here are some employee engagement activities in companies you need to know to increase productivity!

What are engaged employees?

First, you have to understand: Engaged employees are not just motivated employees –  the concept goes beyond that.

Having an engaged professional is synonymous with possessing a person with proactivity, effort and with a constant goal of achieving the best and helping the success of the company.

They are those workers who really “wear the shirt” of the organization, are extremely committed and who demonstrate a passion for what they do.

The specialist in organizational research, Stephen Harding, defined that engagement is constituted by 3 dimensions:

  •  To think:  the professional understands and accepts the objectives, values and strategies established by the company. 
  •  To feel:  the employee feels pride in the organization and likes what it does. 
  •  To act:  when an employee believes and feels good about working for a company, he or she will do what is necessary for the business to succeed. 

Therefore, it is essential to put into practice employee engagement activities capable of driving these 3 dimensions among employees in your company.

7 employee engagement activities in companies

Engaged employees can be considered one of the main reasons for a company to achieve increasingly expressive results.

So if your goal is to make your business grow, you need to invest a lot of time into managing people and knowing exactly  how to engage your employees.

And that does not mean just turning your attention to managers or higher positions: remember that all your employees need to demonstrate engagement.

Therefore, improving the management of people in an organization, and consequently their productivity by implementing employee engagement activities in companies can prove to be decisive.

Let’s have a look at some of them:

1- Excellent leadership

Research indicates that poor leadership is one of the main reasons for lack of productivity and the demotivation of a team.

Therefore, it is very important that the behaviors of each manager are evaluated.

Leaders need to seek to know each employee on their team, understand their personal needs, and know how to make them feel valuable to the company’s performance.

Managers need to know how to lead – and not just give orders. Employees, on the other hand, need to be inspired by the boss, who is capable of fostering a sense of trust.

2- Feeling of purpose

Employees will only be engaged if they feel they are actually doing something in the company. After all, do you have the will to “bust your hump” if there is the impression that your hard work does not make any difference?

It is therefore a manager’s role to consistently demonstrate that the functions performed by employees are important and that they have direct consequences for the organization.

For this, you can establish well defined goals and encourage your team to achieve them, creating a sense of real challenge.

In addition, give more autonomy to employees, delegating some tasks in which their opinions and decisions are necessary.

3- Opportunities for growth

Feeling that you have a clear chance of promotion within a company is one of the factors most valued by employees.

Having a well-structured career path stimulates the self-development of employees, who have a real professional objective to achieve.

After all, if you know that regardless of your efforts, you will never attain a new position, or have progress in your duties within the company, you will hardly feel motivated enough to deliver your best.

Having the feeling that you will not be able to leave the same place is a real hindrance for any employee to feel engaged.

This is a decisive factor not only in retaining talent but also in attracting them.

Therefore, look for talk about career plans with its collaborators. But of course, always considering the strategic plans and limitations of the company as well as the skills of each employee.

Offer new responsibilities and study challenging tasks that can drive career growth and learning for your employees.

Also take the time to give feedback frequently, aiming to improve the performance of each member of your team.

4- Rewards

One of the main employee engagement activities in companies is, unquestionably, to know how to offer rewards.

It is essential that your employees feel that their jobs are not only yielding results but are being valued.

Rewards such as salary increases, or simply market-compatible amounts, are good choices to consider when it comes to recognizing good employees.

But, notice: rewards are not just salaries.

Always try to give compliments when you notice a good job, opt for celebrations for achievements that please your employees and other ways to encourage your team.

 5 – Offer courses for improvement

Similarly to professional development you could offer ways to advance your employees, such as with courses and conferences.

Study the possibility of coming to an agreement with universities or educational centers, or find other ways to provide courses that can enhance the knowledge of your staff, such as postgraduate and languages, for example.

Organizing lectures with specialists or motivational speakers can still be a way of improving, in addition to taking a break from the work routine.

6- Mechanisms of dialogue

Knowing how to understand the needs of each of your employees, as well as measuring the level of satisfaction and recognizing motivational problems is essential for any type of engagement in companies.

For this, it is not enough to just be a manager with good intuition or the ability to recognize behaviors.

So always seek to demonstrate readiness for dialogue and encourage the fact that internal communication is a two-way street.

Even so, some issues may not be discussed or even perceived by leaders.

Therefore, try to put into practice organizational climate surveys, inserting items that relate to the well-being, motivation and degree of satisfaction of your team.

Take the results seriously: plan ways to reverse the negative points and exalt the positive ones pointed out by staff.

7- Promote events for team integration

Having a company with problems in teamwork is practically a real recipe for disaster. A friendly environment, with synchrony and a strong emotional bond between employees is ideal for any organization.

Therefore, seek to establish a timetable for events that promote team integration.

A happy hour, a celebration on thematic dates, volunteer work in NGOs, or just meetings where it is possible not only to strengthen the organization’s discourse and culture, but also to create a pleasant environment for employees to interact with one another, are all worth it.

After all, human beings are social beings, are they not?

By making employee engagement a priority in your business, surely you will notice positive changes in the behavior of your team.

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