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Questions in Strategic Planning


Strategic Planning is an essential process so that organizations can achieve their long-term results. Therefore, because of this extremely important process, it’s normal that when executing strategic plans some doubts arise.

We have prepared the complete Strategic Planning questionnaire to take away your doubts on the subject. Below are strategic questions to ask in strategic planning!

Can you answer them all?

7 Questions about Strategic Planning That Can’t Be Silenced

1- When is the best time to execute the company’s Strategic Planning?

There is no set time to carry out a plan that fits every company.

Some companies follow the financial year, others prefer a period of calm where they don’t have high sales peaks.

The best time will vary depending on your business model.

2- When should the Strategic Planning Review be performed?

Here it’s also worth repeating the answer to the previous question about strategic planning.

It depends, each company has a different rate and growth dynamic, as well as undergoing changes in its internal and market conditions.

Some companies perform quarterly, others annually. The important thing is always to take into consideration the factors mentioned above and always stick to reality.

How long (long term) should the Strategic Planning be?

The answer to this strategic planning question, you may already be able to imagine.

As in previous questions, the period varies according to the speed and complexity of the changes you wish to make as well as the pace of growth of your company, which can vary according to the approach that’s been agreed upon.

Smaller, fast-growing companies can achieve faster results, while larger companies may take longer and require longer planning.

4- Who should be responsible for Strategic Planning setting?

Generally, the Board is responsible for defining Strategic Planning, due to its strategic positioning and personnel seniority within the company.

In companies with a management participation model, the tendency is to include more and more people.

The important thing is not the number of people, but the  performance of key people.

5- Where should the Strategic Planning be fulfilled?

When the people responsible for Strategic Planning come together to define it. The ideal is that it takes place in an environment outside the company.

Thereby, interruptions will be at a minimum and the focus will be on defining Strategic Planning.

6- What are the advantages of Strategic Planning?

Without well-defined strategic planning, companies do not know which direction to take, much less their managers and employees.

Sectors can make tactical plans that are unconnected with each other, and therefore organizational goals will never be achieved.

7- What to do when strategic planning goals are not being met?

As much as you may know all the answers to questions about strategic planning, it’s not always that what you planned achieved the expected result.

In this case, you need to reassemble the team and review the plan to seek for the root cause of the problem.

These are just some of the questions about Strategic Planning that may arise.

As the process develops and becomes more specific to each company’s background, it is common for other questions to appear.

Do you have any other questions about Strategic Planning? Send it to us here in the comments!

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