Siteware immersion in Growth Summit 2018, world’s technology best conference


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The growth program, which is part of the Web Summit event, has its next edition based in Portugal in November

The fastest-growing technology companies will be honored to attend the Web Summit event, considered by Forbes to be the largest and best technology conference in the world. Its next edition will be based in Lisbon, on the 5th to 7th of November, with the goal of connecting the entire technological community through a complete immersion in the area.

In this edition, Siteware, considered the largest Brazilian company in the Corporate Performance Management segment, was chosen to participate in its growth program, in which large global companies such as Uber and Slack already participated.

Named Growth Summit, the program recruits founders and CEOs of leading technology companies from across the globe, hosting a Web Summit meeting to learn about their business and understand how the idealizers turned their ideas into hyper-growth startups.

Siteware CEO and founder Marcello Ladeira explains the importance of startup participation in Growth Summit to expand its internationalization: “We started our international expansion in 2017, validating our solutions and our business model with a major customer in Eastern Europe. The Growth Summit will be the first opportunity to present our products to a large and diverse audience in Europe, as well as represent another step in our internationalization strategy. “

The opportunities that the series A funding investment generated for the company, coupled with its great development potential, drove the start of an aggressive international expansion project.

In 2017, the deployment of its Strauss Coffee solutions in 7 European countries opened doors for the growth of the business. Then, the acquisition of the competitor Strategy Manager in 2018 consolidated this development. Because of the success of these projects, Siteware is scheduled to open its first international headquarters next year in Portugal.

When presenting the tool to the European market, the company wants to show the real efficiency of its functionalities, helping companies to develop results-oriented culture by connecting people, KPIs and projects. Siteware’s positive result in a total of 8 countries reaffirms the certainty that the company is prepared to revolutionize the way people manage their business in a simple and powerful platform.

About Siteware

The company was founded in 2000 and, after almost two decades, still continues with soul of startup. Its goal is to simplify the lives of its customers through innovation and the most advanced technologies, uniting people, operation and strategy in search of better results.

To achieve its goal, Siteware has developed STRATWs One, the tool that enables tracking of the entire business management project. It covers a number of functionalities – such as meeting management, project management and performance monitoring – on a single platform, keeping data secure in the cloud, which can be extracted from any data source (e.g. ERP, BI, CRM) and driving Corporate Performance Management to another level.