5 project management tools to achieve business success!


project management tools


Are you struggling to improve your business management? As an entrepreneur, you may feel frustrated when you fail to manage projects as expected. This usually happens because of the lack of efficient management tools. 

The right management tools must support the project’s progress and provide performance indicators that lead to growth. Choosing the right ones is essential if you want to stand out as a manager who provides results.

If your company has a lean team, a tight budget and is willing to use innovative management resources, there are several tools that can lead you towards success. 

Keep reading and check our top 5 of project management tools that will help you grow your business.

Which are the best project management tools?

  1. STRATWs ONE: real time KPIs follow-up and information storage in a single platform. 
  2. Slack: for agile team communication;
  3. Trello: for effective workflow management;
  4. Google Drive: efficient data storage and information exchange;
  5. Google Calendar: for synchronizing meetings and scheduling appointments;

Remember that managing performance indicators is a key task to lead your project towards its goals. After all, they are the instruments that make it possible to identify whether your company is on the right track.

Why do you need to use project management tools?

Some of the most effective project management tools available bring unique qualities to your company, such as:

  • Structuring processes;
  • Increasing productivity;
  • Aligning all team members’ goals;
  • Simplifying communication between collaborators and departments;
  • Ensuring the execution of all steps planned;
  • Guiding best practices;
  • Storing all data and information generated in each stage.

Also, these tools must offer a combination of functionalities and a clear and intuitive interface to reach the expected results.

Nowadays, it’s practically impossible for anyone to achieve quality in project management without the help of specific technological softwares.

Fortunately, there is a wide variety of project management tools that can meet these requirements. Let’s talk about them! 

Best project management tools for an efficient follow-up

1. STRATWs One

A company has to acquire project management tools that track and measure employees’ performance in order to obtain good insights and achieve success.

STRATWs One is the ideal platform for transforming your project crew into a true high-performance team.

This management software has several different modules that will help you to conduct any business project strategically, such as:

  • Monitoring corporate performance;
  • Monitoring individual performance;
  • Data reporting;
  • Meeting management;
  • Tracking opportunities for continuous improvement, and more!

STRATWs One allows project managers and teams to understand if they are succeeding and what adjustments are necessary to achieve the expected results.

It is a corporate management software used by large organizations with great success. Request a free trial and revolutionize your company’s management with STRATWs One:

demon 5 project management tools to achieve business success!

2. Slack

Guarantees efficient communication between teams. Slack’s central channel allows all team members to maintain contact and organize activities and tasks that need to be delivered. 

Slack is one of the best project management tools, as it’s free and hosted online. Also, it aims to create opportunities for groups or individuals to interact with each other on issues related to the same project.

This user-friendly application has a very intuitive interface and also allows  users to create a personal profile, exchange files and send messages to their colleagues.

Users can also create private groups that are called “channels”. Thus, only the invited participants can see the exchanged messages.

All in all, Slack is a useful tool if you need to enhance collaborative teamwork to achieve the project’s objectives! 

3. Trello

Trello is perfect for maintaining a logical sequence of project planning’s tasks in a timeline. Visibility of what the next steps are or what has been left behind is key for efficient project management. 

This tool uses the Kanban methodology. You can create your free account, connect every team member involved and finally add columns according to the tasks you need to perform. 

It also allows you to build a list of tasks and activities for better team visualization. You can add cards that represent each task to a column showing: 

  • the delivery date; 
  • who is responsible for the activity;
  • a briefing, general guidelines and observations, etc.

4. Google Drive

An efficient project follow-up requires storage of documents and files. Google Drive is the perfect management tool to keep and share texts, spreadsheets and slides presentations. 

Whatsmore, project members can collaborate simultaneously to edit, suggest or simply make some notes to improve the workflow while sharing thoughts and suggestions. 

5. Google Calendar

A project management routine is intense without a question. Google Calendar is another key tool you may want to add to your set.

It brings visibility for your work routine and also allows you to follow the entire team’s daily schedules. 

By using Google Calendar, evaluate your schedule, rearranging tasks according to urgency and managing appointments or unexpected events becomes much easier!